Solid Grooves IV Birthday
to Apr 23

Solid Grooves IV Birthday

  • Islington Metal Works (map)
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In celebration of SolidGrooves 4th Birthday, on 22nd April we have been invited to join forces and take you on a magical journey into Islington's industrial Steelworks Factory— Enter the Gallery, the Cinema, the Solarium & the Vault as we get you grooving to the BARE bounce...

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BARE 3rd Birthday: Temple of the Lost Tribe
to Mar 6

BARE 3rd Birthday: Temple of the Lost Tribe

BARE 3rd Birthday:

Temple of the Lost Tribe

A Magical, Mystical, Powerful Number, and a special milestone at that— Join us on the 5th March to celebrate our 3rd Birthday: Temple of the Lost Tribe... Let's put on our tribal paint, dance, unite and be FREE!!! 

Come on a musical adventure through the sacred temple realms and into the depths of the jungle as we congregate for a ceremonial tribute to 3 years of BARE Love!! Imagine creatures of all kinds, mother earth, rhythmic vibrations, rich and sensual flavours, ritual union, burning fire flames, re-connecting with our human needs while balancing the soul and mind, indigenous tribes... Mayan Vibes! 

Like a new year washes us with an abundance of new beginnings, a birthday has similar effect, and this year already holds an air of mystery and delight... So what better way to follow on from BARE’s incredible NYD takeover at Fabric than to explore and find a little more magic celebrating BARE’s Birthday in a new, exciting, bigger venue... 

We cannot wait for the gathering our beloved tribe and look forward to getting our ceremonial paint on with you all!! Immerse yourself in our sacred jungle infused production, entwined with our reputable BARE sounds for an amazing musical journey of music and witchcraft! 

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