B.A.R.E is a London conceived lifestyle brand that believes in a new-age world of opportunities for anyone who has the courage to be their most authentic self.

More than just a Party or Fashion Label... It’s a way of life— Where awakened individuals create the things we collectively wish existed through the power of thought and will, inspiring growth, positivity & change.

Be A Rare Exception, with focus on this mantra, and representatives in London, LA, New York and Ibiza, concepts are developed, original in style & exceptional in quality, to globally spread this message— Be the best you, only you can be!


The Story... 

The summer evening draws in, a courtyard full of smiles & summer glows— Hand picked from the markets of Brick Lane, some ill matching décor sprinkles a flavour of fun— Sound selectors chosen to set the tone—Naïve to the enormity of what was about to unfold... 

What begun as a small party on one of East London’s most treasured side streets has blossomed an underground movement that’s quickly spreading! Since it’s inception in 2013 at Brick Lane’s infamous Vibe Bar, B.A.R.E has uniquely proven that you don’t need to follow fashion in order to succeed! 

Alluding to a focus on doing things differently when it comes to throwing a party, undeterred by the status quo, the philosophy of B.A.R.E is simple: A party that purely stands for good people, good music and good vibes, BARE aim to leave the world a better place than they found it through a connection of music and happiness... 

From basements, art galleries, warehouses & clubs, to festivals, B.A.R.E [Be A Rare Exception] consistently rises from strength to strength quickly defining itself as one of London’s key players, with a dedicated following of hedonists who have grown tired of carbon copy offerings — With an ever popular series of London shows, showcases at The Secret Garden Party, Fabric, Lost Festival and with the wheels in motion for a forthcoming Fashion Label, leaves 2016 set to see the movement grow and spread globally!

Celebrating Peace, Love & Individuality, 

Be A Rare Exception